painter of feelings


lover of life

I am an artist seduced by my senses. What I see and feel is put on canvas in color… to elevate everydayness to a simple form of love.

Choosing to make my life’s work as a painter means that I choose to do what I cannot do without. It is important. It is expressing the moments of my reality in a celebration of color and form. It is a combination of passion, sensitivity, intellect, intuition, and discipline in a private, yet shared, creation.

“Life is life” and so it goes, one ordinary or rapturous moment after another. And so I paint… in colors and private symbols that may quietly or urgently connect with and inspire one… or more than one… other person.

And so I continue.

Deborah Newton, artist

joyful woman

Celebrant of over 3000 original paintings sold in public & private collections nationally with dozens of awards since 1971. Clientele nurtured through many years of exhibitions, fairs, and studio openings. Developer of vacant industrial building into 317 Market Street Gallery/Studios and originator of downtown Rockford ArtScene concept.